Leading company in the field of interior, exterior and public lighting. 30 years of experience show us that the LED is the present.

EasyLED born from the ODECO business group dedicated over 30 years to LED technology and consecrated as a world leader in creating LED screens.

The world of lighting and electronics requires dedication and professionalism, and for that our professionals are fully trained to respond to all lighting needs that may occur in a project.

Each point is supervised by our technicians so that the result is expected, and get the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

Our customers support the good work of EasyLED and your satisfaction is our goal.


Manufacture from Barcelona to the world

Our 12,000m2 facility located on the seafront, spread over 5 floors being intended solely for the design and manufacturing projects using LED technology.


We also have a plant for insertion of LEDs and other electronic components, which allows us to control the quality from the start in our production process. Photometric Laboratory We own advanced equipment to test the quality of our luminaires. A complete photometric laboratory, which allows us to perform all necessary alcantar optimum performance in our luminaires tests.


For prototyping, molds and other essential parts in our design processes, we have a 3D prototype workshop fully equipped to control ourselves time and quality of the samples.



Our production process is automated in all processes where possible, to ensure maximum quality and standardization of our products.


All products undergo rigorous visual, functional and test controls burning for what we have specially prepared rooms and a camera heat and humidity.


Convinced of the importance of experience and experience firsthand the sensations caused by our lights, we have created a showroom where through different areas of fine architecture and lighting teach our customers everything our luminaires can do for your exposure.